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While approaching my mid 30’s, I noticed my attention span becoming shorter and shorter in both my personal and professional life. After my first dose of NECTAR7 Niagen® – my energy level and focus improved. I am only on my second week of taking Niagen® and look forward to experiencing more benefits of this new product.†

Sean F.

I have been taking NECTAR7 Niagen® for about three months. Usually around the early autumn I feel sluggish. This year, I have felt wonderful!! I sleep more soundly than I have in years and have the energy to walk 4 to 6 miles a day!! I recently had a full physical with blood work. The doctor is amazed at my way above average wonderful health!!†

Wanda R.

I learned of this product back in March of 2015. I received product shortly afterwards and started taking it, both mornings and at bedtime. To say I was skeptical would have been an understatement!  I wasn’t sure Niagen would make me feel anything but I was willing to give it a try. There was no Euphoric feeling at first but I did notice how refreshed the entire day was. There was no lack of energy like I had become accustomed to. The one thing I did notice was that I slept like a baby the entire night. This was something I had not done for years. I also started dreaming again which I now understand is part of a healthy sleep pattern.†

I don’t know what I would do without this product now. It has truly changed my life!

Craig C.

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