Nectar7 NIAGEN® is becoming well-known for it’s many anti-aging and cellular health benefits but most people don’t know that there is solid scientific research that suggests that Nectar7 NIAGEN® could help you lose weight and boost your metabolism.

What is Nectar7 NIAGEN®?

NIAGEN® is the only commercially available form of Nicotinamide Riboside. NIAGEN® has been proven in animal and human studies to raise NAD+ levels in blood cells.  NIAGEN®  NR can elevate the co-enzyme NAD+ in the blood by as much as 270%.*

“In the first-in-humans clinical trial which involved dosing twelve healthy adult subjects, the group showed that blood cell NAD+ increased with single 100 mg, 300 mg and 1 gram doses of NIAGEN® NR. Average maximal increases in blood NAD+ were approximately 30% at the 100 mg dose and approximately 50% at the higher doses. Increases in blood NAD+ tended to be sustained for longer times at higher doses.”

Increased NAD+ levels are associated with improved brain function, increased vitality, anti-aging activities, and yes…… decreased weight gain and improved metabolism. If you would like to learn more about NAD+ and how it affects the body then check out The Beginner’s Guide to NAD+. There is a great video from David D. (The NAD+ Guy) in the guide that can get you up to speed.

Can It Help Me Lose Weight?

There is an overwhelming amount of research to suggest that increased NAD+ levels can increase metabolic efficiency, improve physical fitness levels, performance levels, and weight loss efforts . Here is an except from a peer reviewed journal published by co-authored by scientists at the Laboratory of Integrative and Systems Physiology in Switzerland. These scientists discovered that by increasing your NAD+ levels you can improve the efficiency of your metabolism.

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“The role of NAD+ as a coenzyme in most metabolic pathways suggests that NAD+limitations could affect metabolic efficiency. Decreasing NAD+ levels could therefore prompt the development of many of the ailments associated with aging. Indeed, NAD+ levels can change during a number of physiological processes. Diverse lines of research on worms, rodents, and human cellular models indicate that declining NAD+ levels are a hallmark for senescence. Along a similar line, a reduction in muscle progenitor cell NAD+ content leads to a SIRT1-mediated metabolic switch that induces premature differentiation and a loss of regenerative capacity, reflecting a phenotype typical of aging muscle. The link between metabolism and NAD+ is further solidified by observations that tissue NAD+ levels decrease with high-fat diets (HFDs). In contrast, NAD+ increases in mammalian cells and tissues in response to exercise or calorie restriction, both of which are interventions associated with metabolic and age-related health benefits. In line with this, supplementation with NAD+precursors has proven to enhance lifespan in budding yeast and worms. Also, in mammals, the enhancement of NAD+levels has been linked with improved mitochondrial function under stress, leading to protection against dietary and age-related metabolic complications. Finally, hepatic NAD+ levels dynamically change in a circadian fashion, weaving an intricate relationship with nutritional states. Therefore, despite the classical misconception that intracellular NAD+ levels rarely change, the evidence above unequivocally demonstrates the ability of NAD+ to respond dynamically to physiological stimuli.”

These scientists discovered that by increaseing your NAD+ levels you can improve the efficiency of your metabolism.

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Here is a link to the full paper, it is an amazing read if you have the appetite for this sort of thing:

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